Rev. Gary Harvey,
Sr. Pastor
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Welcome to Port Elgin Missionary Church .... where it's our mission is to see lives rebuilt, restored, and renovated.  

In our society, connecting in meaningful ways - where differences can be made in one another's lives - is a profound challenge.  

Our goal as a church is to come together as a family to see our lives rebuilt, restored, and renovated.  

Our commitment is that we not do this in isolation from our community, but rather, that we would engage the community of Saugeen Shores in meaningful ways.  

It's our desire to see the lives of everyone we touch with the love of Christ experience the wonder of God's rebuilding, restoring, and renovating.


As a pastoral couple, my wife - Cindy & I have had the privilege of ministering for over 25 years in Saugeen Shores.  

We have come to absolutely love this community and its people on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.

If you are looking for a church family, or just visiting in the area .... we invite you to connect with us and our church family.



2020 was a year like no other! 

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted so many things, and much of what we considered usual or typical was cast aside. 

One thing that remained the same was the persistent work of our God. 

While we struggle to keep up with the crisis and the changes in our world, the amazing and very comforting truth about our God is that He does not change. 

We have the same strength, the same wisdom and the same love to appeal to...when it feels like we are at a loss for knowing what to do. 

As we forge ahead into 2021, many of the same uncertainties of last year linger on. 

Our assurance in these times is that the same One who saw us through last year, will prevail over whatever 2021 holds in store. 

God Bless each of you!