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Rev. Gary Harvey,
Sr. Pastor
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Welcome to Port Elgin Missionary Church .... where it's our mission is to see lives rebuilt, restored, and renovated.  

In our society, connecting in meaningful ways - where differences can be made in one another's lives - is a profound challenge.  

Our goal as a church is to come together as a family to see our lives rebuilt, restored, and renovated.  

Our commitment is that we not do this in isolation from our community, but rather, that we would engage the community of Saugeen Shores in meaningful ways.  

It's our desire to see the lives of everyone we touch with the love of Christ experience the wonder of God's rebuilding, restoring, and renovating.


As a pastoral couple, my wife - Cindy & I have had the privilege of ministering for over 25 years in Saugeen Shores.  

We have come to absolutely love this community and its people on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.

If you are looking for a church family, or just visiting in the area .... we invite you to connect with us and our church family.



I am beginning to appreciate that our society is starting to characterize each year in a broad sort of sense. I think the first year I saw this emerge was in 2016. Because of political developments in the U.S. some wanted to just forget the year ever happened. In 2020 and 2021, we defined the two years by the collective impact of the pandemic. 2022 felt like it was the year defined by multiple disasters across the board: the war in Ukraine, the Fiona, Ian and Nicole hurricanes, the unbelievable flooding in Pakistan, the economy, the Christmas blizzard…

It is becoming hard to know how to respond to news that is increasingly negative. Many have told me that they have simply stopped watching the news as it is too negative to keep taking in.  

So how do we navigate life under these kinds of conditions…​???

As we look ahead in 2023, we have chosen the text Proverbs 3:5-6.  

It is a tremendous piece of wisdom for how to navigate any year, regardless of circumstances.

- Trust God with everything / in everything

- Don’t lean on / trust that you have a lock on how to perceive situations

- Submit to God for His guidance / plan in moving forward

- He promises to guide us to the best path for our lives.


Each year is an empty box.  

We don’t know what it might contain by December 31.  

When God is the focus of our lives, we don’t have to fear what might get thrown into the mix. We can walk through the days of each year knowing that God is directing our course.

God bless as we move ahead with Christ in 2023!

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